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Community Association

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Landmarc Real Estate Community Management B

Landmarc Real Estate delivers expert community management services, which include a full range of personal, consistent and transparent accounting systems and practices. We specialize in the management of Homeowners Associations, Condominiums, Townhouse and Commercial Condominiums. In addition, we are experienced with communities under developer control and can assist with the transition to homeowner control.

Every association account receives specialized service that is tailored to meet individual community needs. After a management program is developed, each client is assigned a community manager, accounts manager and an accountant. This team approach ensures our clients receive personalized, efficient service for each distinct operation.

Full Service Community Management


All accounting services are provided by a staff of professional accounting individuals who work in house at our corporate office. This staff is dedicated to the financial management of our clients and includes individuals who are degreed and trained in the accounting field. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintain a complete and accurate set of financial records for each community using accrual based accounting practices in a computer software that is specialized for the community association industry
  • Provide comprehensive and easy to read financial statements
  • Assist in the annual budget process, including bidding of contracts and analyzing budgeted versus actual expenses
  • Supervise proper investment of operating and reserve funds
  • Process delinquency notices and pursue past due accounts in accordance with the policies established by each association
  • Assist a Certified Public Accountant, selected by the association, with the annual audit and preparation of the state and federal taxes


Our management team is trained and experienced. Each manager provides professional individualized service to our clients. Managers regularly attend seminars, educational events and participate on committees to stay current on the ever-changing management industry. Landmarc management services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Facilitate the day to day operations of each community association
  • Routine community inspections
  • Prepare bid specifications, solicit and analyze competitive bids
  • Correspond with residents, contractors and vendors on behalf of the board of directors
  • Schedule, prepare for and provide proper notice of all meetings
  • Attend board meetings
  • Third party contract oversight
  • Solid vendor relations enable us to provide our clients with best product value
  • Record retention
  • Assist communities in determining adequate insurance coverage
  • Assist clients with obtaining a comprehensive reserve study
  • Manage state mandated annual registrations
Landmarc also offers individualized services for communities including community wide architectural surveys, financial management, and management consulting. The Landmarc team is here to help. Contact our office today for more information.
Landmarc Real Estate Inc.’s staff is still working to serve all of our client’s needs; however our corporate office is closed to visitors at this time to help minimize the exposure of the public and our staff to COVID-19. If coming to the office to make a payment, please utilize the drop box alongside the front door. Please do not pay utilizing cash. Otherwise, please call before departing to visit the office to ensure that any business you may have at the office can still be conducted. We regret this inconvenience.