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Mission & Vision

Professional, Personal, Above and Beyond

Landmarc Real Estate provides our community association clients with responsive personal support, well-maintained properties, and an expanded sense of community.
Our mission is to be available to our community associations at a moment’s notice. We build effective relationships with them that are characterized by excellent rapport & trust. We also support other goals and activities of the communities in a meaningful way.
Landmarc Real Estate Inc.’s staff is still working to serve all of our client’s needs; however our corporate office is closed to visitors at this time to help minimize the exposure of the public and our staff to COVID-19. If coming to the office to make a payment, please utilize the drop box alongside the front door. Please do not pay utilizing cash. Otherwise, please call before departing to visit the office to ensure that any business you may have at the office can still be conducted. We regret this inconvenience.