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What Makes Us Great

Professional, Personal, Above and Beyond

We promise: Professional, Personal, Above and Beyond!

We believe in effective relationships

built on rapport and trust. We consider customer goals and activities, and support each in a meaningful way. We strive to be available to our clients and their needs at a moment’s notice.

We are locally owned

and operated. Our flexibility as an independent company allows us to highly individualize our services to meet our clients’ needs. This approach is what we call, “Professional, Personal, Above and Beyond.”

The Landmarc team excels

at assessing crises and turning them around. We have worked with numerous boards and helped their associations get on the right track. We have resolved issues such as high A/R, missing assessments applied and collected, low reserve funds, large deficits, and more.

Many clients have been

with us for a decade or more. Of the thirty three communities managed in 2003, 88% are still Landmarc clients. Our dedication to client retention speaks to our ability to build strong relationships and offer excellent individualized community association management services.

We pride ourselves on staff retention

and training personnel. All of our managers regularly attend Community Associations Institute (CAI) training events, seminars, and classes. Our knowledgeable staff is the bedrock of our individualized and professional customer service. Due to the constantly changing landscape of community association management, our trained staff is best suited to keep our clients up to date on industry trends.

Landmarc is a recipient

of the coveted Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation – awarded only to companies demonstrating the highest standards and ethics within the community management industry.

We partner with many area contractors

and vendors that are leaders in their areas of expertise. These relationships allow our staff to provide superior third party contract oversight and ensure each community gets the service they require for the best value.