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We – Landmarc Real Estate – are a diversified firm focusing on community association management, real estate brokerage and leasing management. Regardless of the service type, we provide all our clients with responsive, personal support. For more information on all of the services, please visit our Services page.

Our company is one with roots in the Fredericksburg area, and our history shows that our team brings years of experience from inside and outside of our organization. Please take a moment to learn more about how our company has evolved over the years:

Fredericksburg Virginia


Landmarc Real Estate provides our community association clients with responsive personal support, well-maintained properties, and an expanded sense of community.


Our mission is to be available to our community associations at a moment’s notice. We build effective relationships with them that are characterized by excellent rapport & trust. We also support other goals and activities of the communities in a meaningful way.

Our History

Year & Milestone





Landmarc was founded under the name Bowman Real Estate Services to lead the way in the Bowman Center redevelopment effort. The success of this project lead to an increased role in commercial real estate services in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.



Bowman Real Estate begins management of its first homeowners association.



Gail Fernett joined Bowman Real Estate beginning her career in community association management as the onsite facility manager. Due to her early successes, Fernett earns role as general manager for a large community association.



The managing partners of Bowman Real Estate Services purchased the real estate subsidiary from the parent company and became Landmarc Real Estate, which began to focus on Community Association Management.



Fernett becomes a shareholder and accepts the role of Vice President and Director of Management Services coordinating the daily operations of the company with a commitment to grow and develop Landmarc.



Landmarc grows 20% annually while becoming a leader in Community Association Management in the Fredericksburg area. A focus on client retention plays a key role in the growth and success of the company.



After an eighteen year business relationship, Fernett purchases remaining shares from her partner and Landmarc co-founder, Art Chiavaroli.



Fernett becomes owner and President of Landmarc Real Estate establishing an Executive Leadership Team to assist in the company’s continued growth.



Under Fernett’s leadership, Landmarc is embarking on a branding initiative and a new strategic plan to usher in a new phase of the company’s promise to deliver service that is Professional, Personal, Above and Beyond.

Landmarc Real Estate Inc.’s staff is still working to serve all of our client’s needs; however our corporate office is closed to visitors at this time to help minimize the exposure of the public and our staff to COVID-19. If coming to the office to make a payment, please utilize the drop box alongside the front door. Please do not pay utilizing cash. Otherwise, please call before departing to visit the office to ensure that any business you may have at the office can still be conducted. We regret this inconvenience.